Skotland 2003

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Just after I set out from the kollegium a few minutes to six in the morning I realized that I had forgotten a map with directions to Strathnaver Guesthouse in Oban. So I would have to solve that problem somehow on my arrival to Oban.

The trip to Tirstrup Airport was nice and the morning weather in Denmark was beautiful. In the airport I just had to make a couple of labels to attach to my luggage before I could check in.

Two hours later - around 11:15 we were airborne onboard one of Ryan Air's Boeing 737-200s heading for Stansted Airport. I had taken a seat by one of the emergency exits next to the wings as the absence of a seat in the row in front of me provided me with some extra room for my legs.

A couple of hours later I was sitting at gate 81 waiting to board the plane to Prestwick. A young lad who had been running around for a while suddenly got his arm stuck in a Coke machine and was standing there yelling for about three quarters of an hour with his mother and 5 or 6 of the airport staff around him, trying to get the arm out. I think they missed their plane.

Onboard the airplane there was a big fuzz with some Spaniards whose friend hadn't come onboard before the plane left. They told the steward that he had been stopped at the metal detectors because he had something that he couldn't take onboard and which he didn't want to leave behind.

In Prestwick I took the Stagecoach Express to Buchanan Station in Glasgow where I had to wait for another couple of hours to get on the CityLink coach to Oban. The return ticket was £20.70, about what I had expected.

On the coach to Oban were also two old (60+) Danish ladies with a young boy (10+). They asked the driver if he could stop at Strathnaver Guesthouse in Oban which he explained to them that he couldn't. So when we got off the bus by the railway station in Oban I hurried straight back to Strathnaver Guesthouse, which I had spotted on Dunollie Road on the way, trying to avoid contact with the two talkative ladies. After all, I hadn't come all the way to Scotland to be in Danish company.

At Strathnaver Guesthouse I had a very friendly reception by Irene McKay who quickly showed me my room and the house's facilities. I unpacked my things and went back to the town centre to find something to eat even though it was already past nine.

In my Lonely Planet guidebook I had found different recommendations on Indian, Irish and Chinese restaurants but again I hadn't come to Scotland to eat non-Scottish food either. Having walked around from restaurant to restaurant for an hour and 10 minutes, all their kitchens being closed, I finally ended up at Saifoor Tandoori Restaurant where I could get something to eat. Here I tried some Indian Thali with 2 refreshing Cobra beers brewed on rice. The service was very kind so I rounded the £16.45 off to £20 and went straight home to get some sleep after the long and exhausting journey.

It was 23:30 when I went to bed and I was very happy that I wasn't as weary after my journey as I had been on my last trip to Scotland in 2001. This time I had been much better at relaxing at the right times and I had gotten more familiar with the means of travel in Scotland.

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