Curriculum Vitae


I am a calm, approachable guy with a good sense of humour. My approach to problems is structured, straightforward and analytical and I am not afraid to turn up the sleeves to get the work done.

Through my studies at Aalborg University I have gained great experience in working together with other people - also from other subject area than my own.

Having lived in an international dormitory, next door to Danish as well as foreign residents, for four years of my study time I have maintained and improved my spoken and written English on a daily basis.

Personal Information

Name: Rene Just Nielsen
Address: Oestbakken 3, Skaerbaek
DK-7000 Fredericia
Telephone: (+45) 29 91 38 95
Marital status: Married to Christine Thomsen
Born: 22. July 1978
Haderslev, Denmark


Sep. 1999 -
June 2004
Engineering studies at Aalborg University with specialization in Control Engineering.
Aug. 1995 -
July 1998
Technical College at Technical School of Haderslev.
Aug. 1985 -
July 1995
Danish primary and secondary school.


November 2006 - Engineer in the department of Modelling & Optimisation at DONG Energy A/S.
November 2004 - November 2006 Engineering trainee at Elsam Engineering A/S.
Aug. 2004 -
Nov. 2004
Research assistant at the Department of Control Engineering, Aalborg University. Attached to the project, "Developing an Adaptive Multi-Variable Control Concept for Benson Boilers", related to my master thesis together with Elsam Engineering A/S and Värmeforsk.
Feb. 2004 -
March 2004
A 35 hour study related job as an assistant teacher on the courses "Microcomputer Hardware" and "Microcomputer Software" at Aalborg University.
Feb. 2003 -
March 2003
A 25 hour study related job as an assistant teacher on the course "Systems Architecture and Integration" at Aalborg University.
Oct. 2002 -
Nov. 2002
A 67 hour contract job for 2 mechanical engineering students and Milliken Denmark A/S designing a prototype of an electronic circuit for a touch-free soap dispenser.
Feb. 2002 -
March 2002
A 50 hour study related job as an assistant teacher on the course "Systems Architecture and Integration" at Aalborg University.

Projects at Aalborg University

9.-10. Semester Nonlinear Multivariable Model of a Benson Boiler. (details)
8. Semester Modelling and Control of a Marine Boiler. (details)
7. Semester Prototyping a Fault-tolerant CAN Bus Based Distributed Servosystem. (details)
6. Semester Design of a Controller for a Wind Tunnel. (details)
5. Semester Network Node For An Autonomous Robot. (details)
4. Semester Intelligent Rangefinding System. (details)
3. Semester EMG Alarm for Bruxists. (details)
2. Semester Switch-mode Power Supply for Portable Communications Equipment. (details)
1. Semester Suntracking. (details)

Volunteer Work

April 2004 -
November 2004
Member of the board of directors of "Energiteknisk Gruppe", IDA Nord.
Sep. 2001 -
Jan. 2004
Chairman of "The Social Committee" of my student house.
Oct. 2001 -
Webmaster in my student house.
Aug. 2002 -
Aug. 2004
Webmaster for Birkebaek & Just I/S.
Aug. 2000 -
Jan. 2004
Treasurer for my student house.
Sep. 2000 -
April 2001
Chairman of "The Residents Committee" of my student house.

Language Skills

Danish: native language.
English: fluent, written and spoken.
German: written and spoken.

Computer Skills

Microsoft Windows, UNIX / Linux, XWindows
C#, Microsoft Visual Studio, C, Java, Assembler level programming
Matlab, Simulink, Modelica
LaTeX, Microsoft Office
JavaScript, DHTML, PHP, mySQL


Whisky: In July 1998 I bought my first bottle of single malt whisky. By now I own a big collection of common as well as rare whiskies from all over the world.
Food / cooking: I like traditional Danish and foreign dishes.
Running: I go running regularly to stay fit.
Nature / walking: Despite being a spokesman of new technologies and inventions, our beautiful nature is still my preferred refuge when I need to get away from my hectic daily round.
Gardening We have a small garden outside our house in which I enjoy spending my time.
Traveling: I love to go to other countries/places to experience new cultures and habits.
Socializing: I spend a good deal of my sparetime together with my handful of good friends and of course my wife.